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CSRA "Battle of the Border" All-Star Basketball Classic

Friday, April 20 at TW Josey HS and Richmond Academy HS:
​Girls/6:00 and Boys/8:00
Saturday, April 21 at TW Josey HS and Richmond Academy HS:
​Girls/12:00 Boys/2:00
South                             South Carolina             Roster

1)   Preston, C                     RSM
2)   Corley, Z                       Aiken 
3)   Davenport, T                 Aiken
4)   Edmond,B                    Midland Valley
5)   Morgan, J                     Midland Valley 
6)   Sullivan, C                    Strom Thurmond
7)   Anderson, T                  Brookland Cayce 
8)   Benn, Mya                    Brookland Cayce 
9)   Francis,B                      Orangeburg Wilkes
10) Grant, S                        Batesburg Leesville 
11) Gates, M                       Batesburg Leesville 

North                              South Carolina                 Roster

1)Sanders, O                       Dutch Fork 
2)Harris, I                             Dutch Fork
3)Baker, A                            Wilson 
4)Hopkins, E                        South Aiken
5)Green, K                           South Aiken
6)Belton, M                          Westwood 
7)Ray, K                              Westwood 
8)McMillian                          Allendale- Fairfax 
9)Jackson, D                       Richland Northeast
10)Godfrey, S                      Richland Northeast
11)Harts, M                          Ridgeview 
12)Langford, A                     Lexington 


All players will be split up into 2 teams. South Carolina (North) and South Carolina (South). Each player will play 2 games. First game April 20 and second game April 21. Locations are TW Josey HS and Richmond Academy HS. ​​