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 Middle School Girls

​ Ty Johnson and Ebonie Harris(CSRA Blue) 
​ Kristin Grant (CSRA Red)
 Norman​ Bostic (Next Level)
 Reyna Adams​ and Chantal Grier(CSRA White)
 Jeremy Linder CSRA South Carolina​
 Coach​ Preston  Team Columbia

 Middle School Boys

 CJ Marshall (CSRA Blue)      
​ Coach Preston( Team South Carolina)
​​​ Norman Bostic (Next Level)         
​ Ethan Taylor(CSRA Red)
 Blake Bush   CSRA White
 Patrick Green CSRA South Carolina​​
 Ferdinand Farley  Empact Nation Wolves
 Fred Dennis Atlanta All-Stars​​

HS Georgia Girls
 Reyna Adams/ Chantal Grier
 Ty Johnson​/Ebonie Harris

 South Carolina Girls
 Ronita Garrett​ 

Georgia Boys
Blake Bush/ Kyle Doyle
Ethan Taylor/ TC Fields

 South Carolina Boys
 Coach Preston    

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